Murmu Software Infotech Pricing

Welcome to Murmu Software Infotech, where we offer a wide range of IT and software services to meet your business needs. Below are our competitive pricing packages:

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Static Website - ₹4999/-

Get a basic static website to establish your online presence.

Custom Dynamic Website - ₹30,000/-

Tailored dynamic website development to suit your specific requirements.

Wordpress Website - ₹7999/-

Launch your website on the popular WordPress platform with ease.

WordPress WooCommerce - ₹35,000/-

Set up your e-commerce store on WordPress with integrated WooCommerce.

ASP.NET MVC/ Core/ Blazor/ API/ MAUI Website, Portal & Application Development - ₹70,000/-

Advanced development solutions using ASP.NET technologies.

Laravel - PHP Website & Portal Development - ₹55,000/-

Harness the power of Laravel PHP for your website or portal.

CodeIgniter - PHP Website & Portal Development - ₹55,000/-

Develop robust PHP websites and portals using CodeIgniter framework.

ReactJS & ReactNative Application Development - ₹65,000/-

Create powerful applications with ReactJS and ReactNative.

Next.JS Web Application Development - ₹55,000/-

Develop fast and scalable web applications with Next.JS.

Cloud VPS & VM Application Deployment - ₹8000/Year

Deploy your applications on reliable cloud VPS and VM infrastructure.

Digital Marketing Service - ₹5000/Month

Boost your online presence with our comprehensive digital marketing services.

Online Payment Gateway Implementation - ₹6000/-

Seamlessly integrate online payment gateways into your website.

Android Mobile Application Development - ₹70,000/-

Reach your audience on the go with custom Android mobile apps.

Google Adswords Marketing Service - ₹8000/-

Drive targeted traffic to your website with Google AdWords campaigns.

On-page SEO & Optimization - ₹7000/-

Optimize your website for search engines and improve visibility.

Off-page SEO & Optimization - ₹15,000/-

Enhance your website's authority and ranking through off-page SEO techniques.

WhatsApp Message API + Bulk Messages (Unlimited) - ₹5000/-

Engage with your audience through WhatsApp with our API and bulk messaging service.

SMS API + Bulk Messages - ₹2500/-

Reach your customers instantly with our SMS API and bulk messaging solution.

Stock Trading Website, Portal & Application - ₹85,000/-

Develop comprehensive stock trading platforms and applications.

Murmu Software Infotech Pricing

Transform your business today with Murmu Software Infotech. Contact us to get started on your journey towards digital excellence.